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Interim Management

“Interim managers bring well qualified skills and expertise to bear at short notice, without the overheads and shackles associated with employment. They consult, plan, advise, implement, and embed the lessons, then exit, handling a range of key strategic and tactical interventions. As businesses in their own right, they offer independent expertise, free of company politics, and take responsibility for delivering results, not just offering advice.”  IIM Report 2010

Both start-up and established Mobile Technology businesses are often focused on their great ideas and prototype technologies. Having acquired their initial investment they often struggle to get their concept to market because of their unfamiliarity with potential sales channels and business fundamentals.

Condico can help aspiring businesses get through this difficult transition from working concept to an effective organisation.  Condico IM executives have a vast range of experience through being business owners and entrepreneurs themselves, but also having worked in blue chip companies, PR and media.

Whilst you build your future management team and refine your product, we provide the talent that generates the momentum to carry your product to market.  We’re experts in:

Proposition Management
Marketing Management
Business Development
Strategy Advice
PR Control
Agency Negotiation
Technology Partnerships
Legal Services
Transitional CEO

The key to our service is that it is your company, not ours, and we are here to help you whilst you are staffing-up your new company with the right people to take it to its next round of expansion.


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