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Graham Higginson

Graham Higginson

Interim CEO


I established, built and sold two companies in the IT and mobile sectors and have wide commercial and sales experience.

The pressures and problems that entrepreneurs face in the day-to-day operation of their businesses are no stranger to me.

Much of my time has been spent offering SME services to Government bodies and large companies and have sold services to the NHS, major airlines and large entertainment, legal and consumer businesses.

I have lived and worked in both England and the US and successfully managed projects in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and North America.

My time is spent between homes in London and Ile de Re in France with my wife who runs  PixieDixie, the children’s nightwear company.

Originally trained as an engineer, my career started as the marketing officer with Atkins Computing, a subsidiary of the WS Atkins Group.

During this time I ran the marketing for the computing time sharing operations, a for-runner to cloud computing.

Graham Higginson - Tomorrows World

1974. Graham Higginson (long hair) on the set of the BBC programme Tomorrow’s World, waiting to join James Burke to demonstrate, in 90 seconds the new world of computing.

2002 – 2005 Founder and Managing Director, OpenHand Software Limited

OpenHand provided secure, real-time wireless access to email and other applications for large clients such as the NHS, Kingfisher Group, Kleinwort Benson and South African Airlines. I took the business from an idea to its acquisition by an Icelandic company.

1993 – 2000 Founder and Managing Director, Britnet Limited

2000 – 2002 Director of 1eEurope

I first saw the “World Wide Web” at the launch of EasyNet the first cyber café outside of San Francisco. And immediately recognized its potential for businesses.

Britnet pioneered e-commerce and transactional websites and was responsible for the development and management of high revenue earning sites for clients including Eurotunnel, GE Capital and Arsenal FC.

The business was acquired at the height of the dotcom boom by US-based 1eEurope with a sale facilitated by Pricewaterhousecoopers (PwC)

I stayed with 1eEurope on a two year contract as the company expanded to over 350 employees in six countries.

Technical achievements:

Developed for GE Capital, Europe’s first fully integrated transactional web based insurance site.

Developed the original Arsenal FC web shop, which was “probably” the first online transactional site in the UK to offer real-time credit card clearance.

Responsible for the development of the first internet based Lottery site to be awarded on-shore status by the UK Government.

Built and managed for 7 years the Eurotunnel web presence.

Developed endless high budget e-commerce sites including Marks and Spencer’s

Time-Out from Tech

During the 1980’s and early 90’s I took a break from the technology world and worked under contract for a wide range of household names.

Rothmans International, ran promotions in the UK, Europe and Middle East supporting, Formula 1 racing, the Dunhill Golf Classic and major brand lunches.

Walt Disney, ran events in the US, UK and Europe including Mickey Mouse’s 50th Birthday party touring show, and the Ist European promotion for Walt Disney World.

Panasonic, ran the UK launch of Panasonics digital range and inadvertently produced the Rock Steady Crew hit record “Hey You, Rock Steady Crew” which was all about promoting digital products! You Tube Clip

Panasonic Meets Rock Steady

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